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We’ve designed the WMA Converter online tool to allow users to quickly and easily convert WMA to various audio formats such as WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A, FLAC, OFF, and AIFF. Our online WMA converter is totally free to use without any restrictions, 100% safe and secure, and all your file conversions are processed locally within your browser.

If you wish to convert audio to WMA or convert WMA to other audio formats, then the process is very simple and straightforward using our online WMA converter. Here’s the process:

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Steps to convert WMA audio file to another format using our WMA converter online tool:

Step 1: Using the upload box at the top of this page, browse and select (or drag and drop) the audio file which you wish to converter.

Step 2: Select the output format of the audio file, which is the new format that you want to convert it to.

Step 3: Press the Convert button. Our WMA converter tool will automatically convert the audio file to the selected output format. Once it’s done, the download button will appear.

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What is a WMA File Format?

WMA stands for windows media audio which is a file extension used alongside windows media player. Unlike the above file formats, WMA is both an audio codec and an audio format intended to be Real Audio and MP3audio formats competitor.

The WMA codec has four versions. The first one is WMA, which is the original codec initially released in 1999, the next is WMA Pro. This is an advanced lossy codec intended for audio professionals. It is however restricted by the existing range of hardware and software required to support the codec.

The third version is WMA Voice, a lossy codec initially intended for low bandwidth voice playback apps.

Lastly is the WMA Lossless. This is a lossless codec designed for archival and storage. It can be used to compress audio files and still retain their quality by use of VBR.

Applications that open WMA file format

WMA is a proprietary Microsoft format therefore it can easily be opened by Windows considering its built-in apps.

The best program for opening WMA files is the Windows Media Player because most versions of Windows include it. To open it, you just need to double click on the file for it to open right away in the windows media player.

For Linux or macOS users, it will not be as easy because the two devices lack any built-in apps that support this file format. A third-party app will be needed to open the file instead.

The VLC media player is however highly recommended as it is open-source, fast and can be used on Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and iOS.

Winamp, AllPlayer, MPlayer or MPC-HC are other third party software used to open WMA files.

Advantages and Disadvantages

So far, 8 editions of WMA have been released by Microsoft after the WMA 7 support certificate was encrypted with the objective of protecting the music copyrights from which musicians and music publishers could benefit.

Additionally, WMA can compress audios at a very high rate and therefore can contain videos with high quality without necessarily requiring a lot of storage.

However, WMA usually loses some quality when compressing audio and as much as Microsoft is in charge of WMA, it does not share it with other operators in the market.