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Using our free MP3 converter tool, you can quickly and easily convert audio to MP3 or convert MP3 to various audio formats such as WAV, M4A, M4R, OGG, MIDI, AAC, WMA, OPUS, AIFF, FLAC, and MMF. Our service is completely free to use, 100% safe and secure.

Online MP3 converter is a free browser-based audio converter that allows you to upload and convert MP3 files to various audio formats locally within your browser.

How to Convert MP3

If you wish to convert MP3 to other audio formats, then the process is very simple and straightforward using our online MP3 converter.

Here’s the process:

Step 1: Using the upload box at the top of this page, browse and select (or drag and drop) the audio file which you wish to converter.

Step 2: Select the output format of the audio file, which is the new format that you want to convert it to.

Step 3: Press the Convert button. Our MP3 converter tool will automatically convert the audio file to the selected output format. Once it’s done, the download button will appear.

Convert from MP3 can convert your MP3 files to these other formats:

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What is an MP3 File?

An MP3 file is a standard technology for compressing a sound sequence without compromising on its quality. This audio file format was developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). The entire compression process uses Layer 3 audio compression. The file format is widely used to store music and audiobooks in a 16-bit high quality-sound which is around 1/10 the size of a .wav file.

Essentially, the quality of an MP3 file is largely determined by the bit rate used for compression. The most commonly used compression rates include 120, 160, 192 and 256 kbps. One of the best parts of MP3 files is that they are compatible with major music players like Sony Walkman devices, Apple iPod, and Amazon Kindle, and others.

How to Open an MP3 File?

Opening an MP3 file is easier. All you need to do is launch the file on your device by double-clicking it. If you have set up the applications correctly, the .mp3 file will be automatically opened by the compatible application. However, if you do not have any such application on your device, you will need to download it.

In cases when your computer is unable to choose the required application to open the file, you can right-click the concerned file and choose to open it with the required program.

Advantages of MP3 Format

Some of its advantages include:

  • The file format occupies the least data size. This enables you to store a large number of music files on your disc.
  • MP3 file format doesn’t dictate the compression ratio. You can choose to compress the file as per your requirements. Essentially, there is a trade-off between the file size and the quality offered. Less compression will translate to better quality audio files and vice versa.
  • MP3 files are compatible with a range of devices. They are also supported online and can easily be shared online.
  • Since MP3 files occupy less size, they can be easily uploaded and downloaded. While the same amount of music files used to take an hour to download, they can now easily be downloaded in just a few minutes.
  • Additionally, MP3 files provide ID3 tags that can store important details of the music file – the song title, the artist name, the genre, the year and so on.

Disadvantages of MP3 Format

Although MP3 files have a range of advantages, it has its own limitations too.

  • MP3 files often reduce the audio quality of the files. They use a lossy algorithm that deletes the lesser audible music content in an attempt to reduce the file size.
  • Since files can be uploaded to and downloaded from the internet effortlessly, this has promoted music piracy.