Bass Booster

Supported file formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC. Max file size 50MB.


Online Bass Booster tool helps to boost the bass of any song. Upload your audio and adjust the bass level to boost bass online. Use the tool to boost the bass of any audio with one click.

If you wish to increase audio bass levels, then the process is very simple and straightforward using our Bass booster. Upload your audio, add more bass get audio louder then preview the changes and download it in no time.

How to Use Bass Booster Online

Steps to change the bass of any song or audio:

  1. Click on the Browse My Files button to upload your audio.
  2. Adjust the slider to increase the bass level of your audio.
  3. Click the play button to hear audio with applied bass booster changes.
  4. Once it sounds good, download your modified file.

Update: we’ve added presets to boost bass of a song with very light, light, moderate, heavy, and extreme bass boosters.

Presets using Bass Booster

Extreme Bass Booster: Bass booster preset with extreme intensity.

Heavy Bass Booster: Bass booster preset with heavy intensity.

Moderate Bass Booster: Bass booster preset with moderate intensity.

Light Bass Booster: Bass booster preset with light intensity.

Very Light Bass Booster: Bass booster preset with very light intensity.

Bass Booster Features

  • Add bass to audio: Increase bass level to get audio louder.
  • Supported formats: WAV, MP3, AAC, OGG and FLAC.
  • Max file size: 50MB.
  • Browser Based: Your audio files never leaves your device.
  • 100% free & Unlimited: boost the bass of any music or audio files for free with no restrictions.

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